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Rosaria Trenta

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My Children

My special babies get to spend all of their time with me. Three of them were brought to Sweden from Italy. The youngest one, instead, was born in the village.
And... here they are!

Loki Trenta

She was born in Southern Italy, in the year 2002.
We don't know when exactly, so a date was made up by her first vet and now she celebrates her birthday on June 1.
When Loki was three years old, she boarded two planes and got to Sweden with us.
She has adjusted to life in this country and has even gained a 'brother.'
Her personality is... wild. She was a feral kitten, after all, and has retained most of those traits. But she can be sweet and is extremely sensitive. A true blessing, a perfect creature we all love and respect.

My gorgeous baby girl

Trigger Trenta

He is our oldest boy. Was born in 1993, in Italy and has always been the family dog. His father, Joacchino ('Joe'), was also my parents' dog and Trigger is as sweet as he was, although a lot more shy and cautious.

Sweet and cute

Bastian Trenta

He is the baby of the bunch and so far the only Swedish member of our Family.
Bastian was born in this village, just around the corner from my house, on June 8th, 2006.
He came to live with us on August 30th of the same year.
Being an Orange Tabby, Bastian is kind and friendly, but also a bit messy and unpredictable.
I can never be down when he is around. Laughter he has brought in to our home and for that we thank him every single day.

My handsome Swedish boy

Marty Trenta

Marty had a rough start in life. Abandoned as a puppy and destined to end up as one of many strays, he found me one morning in November. I could not resist his puppy eyes, although I knew he was going to grow in to a large dog - which he did, of course.
Marty is a Cane Corso, with a bit of Mastiff in his blood. He is still learning to trust people and can be a bit of a handful at times, but he has got a good heart and a playful nature no one can deny.

Our gentle giant

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